Counsyl's Get Ahead of Cancer program has ended effective 12/1. Check back soon to see how many lives we've impacted with our free test.
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For all women in the SF Bay Area, GET AHEAD OF CANCER Oct 1 to Nov 30, 2015 For all women in the SF Bay Area, GET AHEAD OF CANCER Oct 1 to Nov 30, 2015 Get Ahead of Cancer

Free Inherited Cancer Gene Screening for all Women in SF Bay Area

Counsyl is offering free inherited cancer gene screening to women in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What is the
Counsyl Inherited Cancer Screen?

Some of the genes we inherit from our parents are meant to protect us from certain cancers. Occasionally, we’ll inherit an irregular version of one of these genes, called a mutation. A genetic cancer screen looks for irregularities in your genes that may make you more susceptible to developing breast, ovarian, uterine, colon, pancreatic and other hereditary cancers over time.

What is the Counsyl Inherited Cancer Screen?
98% 5-year survival rate when caught early

Give Yourself the Advantage
of Early Risk Detection

The Counsyl Inherited Cancer Screen helps you understand your risks, and if you test positive, you have the power to act early on. By working with your doctor, you can start a risk reduction plan that can lead to early detection or even prevent cancer. Detecting cancer early increases survival rates - the 5-year survival rate for localized breast cancer is 98.6% when caught in early stages.

98% 5-year survival rate when caught early
50% of women with hereditary breast cancer inherit the gene from dad

Your Family History Doesn't
Tell the Whole Story

Even if your family doesn’t have a history of cancer, you could be a carrier for a BRCA1, BRCA2 or other gene mutation, which significantly increases your risk of developing cancer. Early risk assessment is key.

50% of women with hereditary breast cancer inherit the gene from dad

Is a Counsyl Inherited Cancer Screen Right for You?

The program is open to all women in SF Bay Area but we particularly encourage the following women to get screened:

Women at High Risk

This includes women who have:

Women at Elevated Risk

This includes women who have:

If you're positive, you can work with your doctor to talk about next steps

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will Counsyl do with my health data? How can I ensure my results remain confidential?
We take your privacy very seriously here at Counsyl. We only collect information relevant to delivering you the medical services you’ve requested. Your personal health data will not be shared without your explicit consent. You can read more about our privacy and health data policies here.
2. How is the Counsyl Inherited Cancer Screen different than 23andMe?
Counsyl’s DNA screens focus on clinically useful information, and therefore, require a physician’s authorization. Medical doctors rely on the information provided by Counsyl screens to make informed medical decisions related to your health.

23andMe does not currently offer health-related DNA screening. 23andMe screens are generally not used by medical professionals to make decisions related to your health.
3. Is genetic counseling offered with every screen, regardless of the outcome?
Yes, you can schedule an appointment with a board-certified genetic counselor who can help you understand your results and come up with a game plan on what to do next.
4. Is the program only for women?
The test is available to both men and women; however, women tend to be over-represented in terms of developing cancer. For example, while men and women are at equal risk of inheriting and passing down a BRCA mutation, women have up to an 85% lifetime risk for breast cancer with the mutation, while men have a less than 10% risk.
5. Can the results of the Inherited Cancer Screen be used to raise my insurance rates?
No, federal law prohibits health insurers from using health information that you receive from your Inherited Cancer Screen to raise your insurance premiums.

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